Studio Twist expertly balances style, luxury and elegance with ease of maintenance
to create durable, washable, top of bed knits that are anti-microbial, eco-friendly
and dynamically conducive—ideal in warm or cold climates.


BREEZEWAY is based on mid-century architecture from warm climes,
reminiscent of airy patio walls hiding high formalism in their relaxing repetition.

Designed for Studio Twist by
The Scott Bodenner Studio
Brooklyn, NY

Scott is a textile designer, passionate about textile history, technical innovations and sublime fabrics. Scott has spent his career working in US and European weaving mills for clients such as Bruschwig & Fils, Chella, and Valdeze Weavers, developing patterns we know and love.

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All colors are suggestions only.

Please see our Yarn Atlas to view our color library and inquire to customize colors.

All products meet or exceed ACT Standards for:

  • Colorfastness to Light
  • Crocking
  • Flammability

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