Studio Twist expertly balances style, luxury and elegance with ease of maintenance
to create durable, washable, top of bed knits that are anti-microbial, eco-friendly
and dynamically conducive—ideal in warm or cold climates.


"Considering the vast competition that is out there with regards to selecting top-of-bed elements, the fact that we have continued to work with Studio Twist is a testament to their product. Whether an in-line item or a custom design, the process is always a successful collaborative effort with professionalism, quick communication, and the ability to understand and adhere to both the Client and our budget and schedule. The involvement on both the front and back end of each project has always been handled sensibly which is a quality we look for when selecting vendors with whom we work. The feedback we have received on the Ownership side has always been positive."

Michael Medeiros | KNA Design

"I recently stayed at the Grand Cypress Lodge at the Bass Pro Shop, Memphis. What a treat! Every detail was addressed, right down to the plush Studio Twist patterned bed throw. I wanted to curl up with it and take a nap. The room truly transforms you into another world."

A Hotel Guest

"Studio Twist is an amazing company to work with - they are a very talented creative team who understand clients’ needs and wants. Their knitted textiles are of the highest quality; beautiful designs where colors are spot on and extremely fine construction, and washable! Every project is a close collaboration with their wonderful team, who are personable, service-minded, and fun! All qualities which lead to a smooth process and perfect product."

Sabine Vessnow Khera  |  Partner, PWS Purchasing

"I recently stayed at a Marriott Hotel and our bed had a Studio Twist Bed Scarf. It was made of an almost sweater type material and was incredibly comfortable."

a Hotel Guest

"HPG has had the pleasure of working with Studio Twist on three projects. They provided bed throws for the Windcreek Wetumpka Hotel and Casino (designed by Hnedak Bobo, Memphis), currently working on bed huggers for the Hilton Columbus, OH renovation (designed by DCI, Atlanta), and fabricating the bed throws for the Indigo Hotel, Atlanta (designed by HBA Atlanta). Delivery for Wetumpka was on time as promised. Their product is well made, and they are enthusiastic and helpful during the design/purchasing phase.  Other attributes — Good customer service, and their invoices are clear; all good qualities as far as we purchasing agents are concerned. I hope you have the opportunity to work with this organization, and know you will be as satisfied as we have been."

Cathie Pritchard | Director of Projects, HPG International

"Last week, I was at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and in my room was a Studio Twist Bed Scarf. When I travel, I tend to struggle with hotel rooms as often they have very heavy duvet covers which just keep you "too warm." About mid-way through the first night, not being able to get to sleep... so perhaps not used as intended, I grabbed the bed scarf to wrap up in, and it was absolutely perfect! It's a great product, I really enjoyed it.  If these are available for sale to the general public, please tell me!"

a Hotel Guest

"I am Principal of the W Group and have worked with Studio Twist on several occasions for large hospitality projects and custom design. There are several things that are very important to me and my company when ordering and specifying a product:

  • Good design
  • Custom abilities
  • Good customer service
  • Quick response when contacted
  • Good quality product
These days there are not very many companies that can perform with all the above boxes checked. Studio Twist does. I have been happy with them on all fronts and would highly recommend using them for any size project."

Whitney Fisher | Principal, the W Group