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McKinley Chalet Resort

Location: Denali National Park, AK
Design Firm: HAP
Purchaser: HAP
Installed: 2016 and 2017 & 2018 reorders
Product: Birdseye Uno Bedsoks® in Oyster PP, Bedouin Stripe Throws in Oatmeal Plu, Oyster PP, Heron PP, and Texas Gold PP, Twist Cable Pillows in Shadow Plu and Battleship PP, Birdseye Uno Bedsoks® in Clam PP (not shown), Birdseye Uno Bedsoks® in Heron PP (not shown), and Lyon Plaid Throws in Shadow Plu, Paprika Plu, Clam PP, and Palm Trunk PP (not shown)